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We are proud to announce our latest Air Charter service whether you are flying locally or internationally, we have a variety of planes and models to choose from when planning your next vacation or business trip! 

We fly regularly to destinations throughout the United States, Caribbean, Europe, Africa, and more.. Any destination is possible as long as it's a none sanctioned country, we can fly you there with a piece of mind and on a trip by trip basis, you never have to worry about planning your next vacation or business aviation that can guarantee you and your guests an experience of a lifetime! 

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Is is a known fact that private charters are much more convenient and comfortable than commercial flights. Our Private jets are flexible and allow you to fly on your schedule and last minute bookings around the clock to save valuable time, and to enjoy amenities that enhance productivity and overall experience. Diplomatic Concierge private air charters provide you with the maximum level of:

Luxury – Whether you are flying locally, internationally or whether your trip is for business or pleasure, private jets allow you to tailor your experience! Amenities such as Wi-Fi, satellite phones, state of the art hospitality service and more allow you to conduct your meetings, give presentations and reach the highest  level of productivity. 

Concierge service on the plane, entertainment, latest technologies and logistics, bottom line, this is one trip you actually look forward to packing your bags to! 

Flexibility – Our private jets' team work around you and your schedule, last minute bookings are one of our essential focus to ensure that we meet your schedule and urgent last minute changes no matter what the reason may be, we will make sure that you will arrive to your destination on time. 

ExperienceWe value the relationships with our clients and strive to maintain exceptional professional customer service in an effort to exceed client expectations. Our team of professional aviators are experts in their field and can get you in and out at your demand, especially having the capability of private jets in landing in smaller airports, shortening time and conveniently escorting you out to your destination. 

Privacy – Even in first class, commercial cabins cannot provide the level of privacy that is often required by executives, VIP's and other individuals. With private air charters, it’s just you, or you and your colleagues, family and entourage. Years of industry experience have made Diplomatic Concierge the exclusive provider of private air charter services for an elite international clientele. We would love to add you to our valued list of frequent fliers!


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Private Jets 

Book your next private charter jet for your VVIP's today and enjoy one of the most unique experiences you can wish for on a private jet of your choice. Enjoy a variety of amenities that will an unforgettable impact on you and your delegates. You may even find that the cost of flying private is competitive to commercial first class airline tickets at a per seat cost. Call for your free quote today! Our agents are excited to speak to you.

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